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IAM1554 – Speaker and Author Helps Leaders Create Meaningful Connections at the Table

Podcast Interview with Ginger Johnson

Most biographies for speakers are full of credentials, awards, accomplishments, and other unexciting information. Let's say this for now: Everything in life is Powered By Connection. And Connection is Ginger's Jam. It's the art, science, and energy that makes the world go 'round. She works with great executives, associations, organizations, leaders and teams to help them do their best work by tapping into the incredible possibilities meaningful connection creates, most especially At The Table.

If you want to learn more about her, she invites you to visit gingerjohson.com and if you're really curious you'll likely Google her anyway, finding her book, TEDx talk, events and program, YouTube channel, and various sundry other information.

  • CEO Story: When Ginger started her first company 20 years ago, she was at ‘the why in the road’ she asked, ‘do I risk working for someone else again, or do I invent my own? what mouse trap to make better, what can I do to serve to have fun and make a living? And that's where Ginger stepped into being a CEO.
  • Business Service: Educating. Service mindset. Keynote speaking, workshops, dinner parties – mindset of host and grace.
  • Secret Sauce: Empower the lives of other people. Dinner at the table is what Ginger sets apart in the market. Keep your lens clear. Then you can do better work.
  • CEO Hack: The framework for connecting. The connector's mindset POW – Positive objective and willing.
  • CEO Nugget: Rather than going wide trying to meet as many as possible, go deep into that relationship and build that connection.
  • CEO Defined: Chief connecting officer – who you want to be, how do you connect with yourself first? True peace of mind.
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Website: gingerjohnson.com

Articles & Blog: gingerjohnson.com/articles

LinkedIn: gingerjohnsonconnector

Twitter: @gingerjohnson

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILGZjxOFhI1cbnbP7_scIw

Connectivity Canon (book): gingerjohnson.com/shop

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