IAM1545 – Coach Helps People Change their Relationship with Alcohol

Podcast Interview with Laura Deter

Laura is starting a new business, coaching caregivers who have developed unhealthy coping habits due to stress. She spent 2 years migrating cross country every 6 weeks to care for her 90 + year-old parents before COVID. In addition, Laura's experiences in a 4-decade marriage, raising 3 amazing kids, and running a successful Mary Kay business for 35 years have prepared her well to help others shift their mindset and habits. Laura's journey led to her motivation and passion in helping others create better lives. The technique she uses is especially effective in helping people change their relationship with alcohol, making it irrelevant in their lives.

  • CEO Story: Laura who used to struggle with unhealthy habits, trying to figure them out through professional and self-observations. She found out the right way that worked really well for her as she coped up and fought to win the battle. With that, she learned her lesson big time and is helping others create better lives by listening to their struggles with bad habits in their lives.
  • Business Service: Coaching. Reprogramming and digging into those beliefs of each client.
  • Secret Sauce: Giving positive influence to other people. Very relationship oriented. Plugin to the community. Helping people find that self-compassion and self-love.
  • CEO Hack: Building a habit, looking at it from a percentage point of view.
  • CEO Nugget: You can do more than you thought you could. Doing things wrong is the paving way to learning how to do them right.
  • CEO Defined: Being able to have that life in the business. Your business should support your life. Be present with the people around you.
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Facebook: CompassionWithLaura

LinkedIn: compassionwithlaura

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