IAM1457 – Coach Helps Women Find their Voice and Authentic Self

Podcast Interview with Dr. Rowena Winkler

Dr. Rowena Winkler helps women find their voice and come back to their divine authenticity by using a combination of spiritual tools and practical strategies. Her mentoring approach encourages women to tap into self-love, build confidence, get unstuck, and make a change. As a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, she is also a higher ed consultant and instructor who develops and teaches courses in strategic communication.

  • CEO Story: Rowena started to dig deep into her entrepreneurial journey after a tragic event happened to her father, that led her to think outside of the box, left the teaching academy, and worked in Marketing and Communications for a bit to hone her skills. She finally launched her business after giving birth to her baby last March 2020.
  • Business Service: One-on-one coaching. Inner muse mentor to clients. Tapping the inner wisdom, inner knowing inside of a person. Marketing and business basing on innate intuition.
  • Secret Sauce: Providing a system of the framework. Integrating it with intuition – astrology, human design, and holistic practices.
  • CEO Hack: Using the power of astrology and moon phases to help plan and build your business.
  • CEO Nugget: We know what's best for us. Be your authentic self. Give time to experiment and tweak.
  • CEO Defined: Having the freedom and spaciousness to express your authenticity. To be yourself in helping and serving other people. Having the legacy and impact.


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