IAM1391 – Founder Offers Solution that can Transform Scalable Datas

Podcast Interview with Armon Petrossian

As Co-Founder and CEO, Armon created Coalesce, the only data transformation tool built for scale. Prior, Armon was part of the founding team at WhereScape, a leading provider of data automation software. At WhereScape, Armon served as national sales manager for almost a decade.

  • CEO Story: Armon and his co-founder were exposed to the world’s largest complex datas from big corporations. Seeing the market that really needed a specific piece of transforming data.
  • Business Service: Offering a solution for a cloud database platform that is scalable and transforming it so that it can be consumable by people in the business getting insight out of that data.
  • Secret Sauce: People and the culture.
  • CEO Hack: App mention; Calm meditation app. Eating one meal a day.
  • CEO Nugget: Figure out how to achieve financial independence as quickly as possible.
  • CEO Defined: Responsible for driving the direction of the business. And having clarity with your team, business, and family on what direction you are going. Chief culture officer – drive and maintain the company culture.

Website: coalesce.io

LinkedIn: coalesceio , armonpetrossian

Twitter: coalesceIO , armonpetrossian

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