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Podcast Interview with Caroline Joynson

Caroline Joynson is a PR Strategist and the founder of Cheerleader PR. She helps passionate business owners get media coverage and PR so they can raise their profile, build relationships, and make more sales.
Caroline has worked in public relations for 20 years, both in award-winning PR agencies and as a senior press officer at the UK’s National Media Museum; securing game-changing coverage across national, regional, and online media. Going solo, Caroline has worked directly with a host of owner-managed creative businesses for the last six years, all of whom have turned their passion into a business from food & drink, travel, professional designer-makers, and more.

Caroline launched Cheerleader PR one year ago to empower passionate business owners and entrepreneurs to become their own best cheerleaders by promoting themselves with clarity and confidence. She helps them to get clear on their message and share it alongside their unique story and expertise. Caroline offers PR coaching, courses, and consultancy and works with clients locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • CEO Hack: Time blocking and being more strategic
  • CEO Nugget: Own your story and expertise
  • CEO Defined: Being a master of your destiny


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[00:00:02.20] – Intro

Do you want to learn effective ways to build relationships, generate sales, and grow your business from successful entrepreneurs, startups, and CEOs without listening to a long, long, long interview? If so, you've come to the right place. Gresham Harkless values your time and is ready to share with you precisely the information you're in search of. This is the I AM CEO Podcast.

[00:00:30.00] – Gresham Harkless

Hello. Hello. Hello. This is Gretch from the I AM CEO podcast, and I have a very special guest on the show today. I have Caroline Joynson of Cheerleader PR. Caroline, it's awesome to have you on the show.

[00:00:40.10] – Caroline Joynson

Thank you very much for having me. It's great to be here.

[00:00:42.70] – Gresham Harkless

No problem. Super excited to have you on. Before we jump in, I wanted to read a little bit more about Caroline so you can hear about all the awesome things that she's doing. And Caroline is a PR strategist and the founder of Cheerleader PR. Caroline's mission is to empower passionate business owners to promote themselves with confidence, helping them to gain media coverage and PR so they can raise their profile, build relationships, and make more sales. With twenty years of PR experience, Caroline offers PR coaching, courses, and consultancy, and she works with clients locally, nationally, and internationally, helping them to get clear on their message and share it alongside their unique story and, of course, their expertise. Caroline, are you ready to speak to the I AM CEO community?

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[00:01:22.79] – Caroline Joynson


[00:01:24.20] – Gresham Harkless

Awesome. Let's do it. So I wanted to to kick everything off by rewinding the clock a little bit. Could you take us through what I call your CEO story so that you get started with your business?

[00:01:32.70] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Sure. No problem. So yeah. I mean, I've worked in PR for twenty years, which, feels and sounds like a long time. But I mean, basically, I went straight into public relations straight out of university. I did a degree in business studies. And initially, when I went to the careers office and said I wanted to go into public relations, they said, oh, everyone wants to do that. It's very competitive, you know. And I was like, well, right, I'm gonna do it. Anyway, and I got my break into PR working in a small agency, moved to a bigger agency. So we worked with loads of different clients, like really big clients, like the Football Association of England and the National Recycling Campaign. And the campaigns I love are things that change perceptions and, about my career.

So I worked in agencies, then I went and worked in an organization. I was a senior press officer at the National Media Museum, so responsible for their reputation and driving visitor numbers. And then when I was pregnant with my second daughter, I was made redundant, from that role. And actually, it was the best thing that could have happened. You know, you look back and it's kind of like a massive turning point because I didn't really want to go back there. Having had my, two daughters, it was, it was, you know, not what I wanted to do. So I went freelance and I looked after the PR of various small businesses, all of whom were like passionate entrepreneurs. They owned and managed businesses and turned their passion into a business. And that's what I did for kind of the last six years.

And then last year, I launched cheerleader PR because I felt that although I could go in and promote businesses and doubt all their good work they need to be able to do that themselves, for themselves. So as much as I can do that and I would be their number one cheerleader, you know, they don't keep the skills then. So cheerleader PR is all about empowering them to promote themselves. Because often, although they know their business inside out, they feel apprehensive or nervous about actually telling people about their business, about their story, about their expertise. So I help them to do that through coaching and consultancy as well. So that's kind of how I got to where I am now. And yeah, as I say, it's, I guess it's unusual maybe to have the same career for your life. But I've done it in different, different guises, really, and I've always enjoyed it. So I think I'm very lucky.

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[00:03:57.59] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. It sounds like you might like it a little bit if you say you've been in it for two years twenty years or so. You might you're pretty, making a pretty big, imprint on everybody. But I love that, I love the name. I love, that empowerment pea piece that you spoke to because I think so many times, and I'm sure you you run into this, you have really great entrepreneurs and business owners that create phenomenal products and services, but they might have that imposter syndrome. They may not feel like they should tell their story or feel uncomfortable in terms of doing that. So I love that not only are you able to do it, have you been able to do it, but you also help to kind of empower these, phenomenal business owners that have created phenomenal things to be able to tell their story.

[00:04:37.39] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Definitely. I think, you know, I can empathize with them because having done everyone's PR for all that time, I never really had to promote myself, so I've gone on that journey myself, you know, I'm here on your fantastic podcast and it's like, actually, unless you tell people what good stuff you're doing, they're not gonna know. So it's kind of like you need to start going out there and putting yourself out there. And although that feels daunting, it's actually really rewarding. So it's you know, I can explain and show that through what I do myself.

[00:05:07.50] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. And a lot of times, we are able to kinda get over those hurdles, not just for ourselves, but so that we're able to help out so many other people in doing that. And sounds like that's happened, to you as well. So, I know I touched on it when I read your bio and you did as well. Could you take us through exactly what you do and how you serve the clients that you work with?

[00:05:27.60] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Sure. I, as I said, work in three different ways, really. So the coaching side and the courses side are the newer side of the business. So that's, actually sort of working with people and and then upskilling them in PR. So I offer I start off with, like, a two-hour kind of strategy call to get really clear with people on their audience and their objectives. PR is a very strategic kind of marketing tool, and it's it's best when it's linked to your business objectives. So you're actually clear on what you want to achieve, and then you can go out and find the people you wanna work with and and and talk to them and build those relationships with them. So that's something I work with on those calls.

But, I also offer sort of a twelve-week, course or program, which is all about PRing yourself. And as I say, going through with individuals and upskilling them on PR and strategy and getting them a plan in place that they can go and implement. But I also do people's PR for them still as a consultant. So if that's what they want to do, then that's still an option as well. And that, again, it's I mean everything I do is kind of like a six-stage, cheerleader PR signature system. So it's whether I'm implementing it or they're implementing it, it's the same steps because that's, you know, that's kind of how I would do work with my clients. They can learn to do it themselves as well.

[00:06:51.60] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. I love that, and I love, obviously, how you have the six, you know, steps of the system, but I love too how there are different kinds of ways that you can connect and serve the clients that you work with. Because I think, as you said, sometimes people might be more of the DIY kinda crowd and they need that direction on how exactly to do that. But then there's, of course, the people that might, you know, want to just have the expert like yourself be able to kinda handle their PR and do those things and everybody in between that as well too, where I think you get so many different ways that you get to connect and and serve and be of value.

[00:07:22.10] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Definitely. And I think I mean, you know, the media landscape as it stands is just huge now. You know? Before, you could either advertise or you could get into editorial. And now, you know, we're our own media outlet. You know, you've got your own podcast, you can put it on YouTube, and you've got your social media to share your messages. And then it's the whole thing of trying to get other people to talk about you on their channels, which is where the PR comes in. Rather than just telling people you're good with yourself, it's getting other people to endorse you. So it's kind of can be overwhelming, but it's making a plan of where those people you want to influence and what channels are the best ones for you. So it's kind of helping them to navigate that really and just get a plan they're comfortable with and confident with delivering.

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[00:08:04.19] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. And I love how you kinda talk to it as well about it. you can do PR in a lot of different ways, but when you're able to do that alignment piece that you spoke to where you have your business goals, you understand how you're able to make that connection. I believe and I'm sure you probably will say the same thing. It takes it to an entirely different level.

[00:08:23.30] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, well, I mean, look at you with your, you know, hundreds of podcast episodes. You know, it's amazing. But, you know, you set out a plan to go and do that for your business, and that's what people can do. It's just knowing how to do these things, really. And, also, as I say, you know, reaching out to other people and appearing on their channels as well.

[00:08:43.70] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. So it's a very, awesome world where because there are so many different platforms that you can be on and try to get your name out there. So I love that you, make those connections and empower people to be able to do that as well. So, I wanted to ask you for what I call now your secret sauce, and this could be for yourself your business, or a combination of both. What do you feel kinda sets you apart and makes you unique?

[00:09:06.00] – Caroline Joynson

I mean, I think, I guess, underneath everything I do is kind of a mantra of, you know, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. And PR is all about relationships and reputation. I think it's kind of that approach in life and in business, you know, is gonna help you for one, just to be a nice person, but also to build relationships, that are gonna help you in your business and to help you with your reputation. So it kind of sounds fairly simple in some ways, but ultimately, you know, it's something that I think can be missing sometimes in business, but it's just the simplest ideas are often the best actually.

So it's just, you know, kind of living and breathing that mantra and just really starting with the basics, which is just, yeah, to be yourself and to, and, yeah, to, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. And I think that's at the heart of my mission, right, to empower people to become their own best cheerleaders. And some of that's about kind of self-esteem and just believing what you're doing. I think both of my clients, ‘ work is their passion. They've turned their passion into a business. So it's just being able to go out there and build those relationships so that you can reach more people and make more of a difference. So I think that would be my secret source. I'll say it's not hopefully, it's secret, but it's it's kind of, you know, natural, but equally, it it could be done more in business.

[00:10:30.20] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. Well, it may not be a secret, so to speak, but sadly, it's not widely executed and everybody's not living and breathing it. So I think it's a huge thing because, as you said, kinda like having that golden rule of treating people, the way that you would wanna be treated. I think that also as you were kinda talking about these great entrepreneurs and business owners that are doing phenomenal things and being able to want to help out so many people, but sometimes not even helping themselves as much and being and having that self-esteem to be able to say, you know, I've done x y and z, or I'm going to do x y z, or I created this. I think it it ties into the golden rule as well too because I think sometimes we use that perspective on being of service, of helping out people, but also forgetting to help ourselves as well and having that combination and how they go right in alignment with each other.

[00:11:15.00] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Absolutely. And as you say, it's that thing of just, helping yourself by helping others, but, you know, you got to remember to tell people about what you're doing as well. So I think it's kind of that whole piece.

[00:11:28.10] – Gresham Harkless

Yeah. Absolutely. And it's hard to have one without the other. So I love that, that secret sauce. And so I wanted to switch gears a little bit, and I wanted to ask you for what I call a CEO hack. So this could be like an Apple book or a habit that you have, but what's something that makes you more effective and efficient?

[00:11:44.10] – Caroline Joynson

So mine would be, it's actually a course by an entrepreneur that I work with, and she's a coach. But it's a lady called Marilyn, and it's called the Productivity Cure. And this is kind of my first entry, if you like, into online business and working with a coach on an online program. And it's all about productivity, planning, and goal setting. And it's about having, the main way kind of manifests itself is I have a weekly plan each week, and I plan out my week. Whereas before, it was just a bit like moving from to do list to to do list. So it was making it a lot more, strategic and also kind of time blocking in in sort of buckets of time for different tasks.

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[00:12:24.39] – Gresham Harkless

Truly appreciate that, that hack. So now I wanna ask you for what I call a CEO nugget. So that could be a word of wisdom or a piece of advice. It might be around PR or if you've hopped into a time machine, you might tell your younger business self.

[00:12:37.20] – Caroline Joynson

Mine is basically about owning your story and expertise. Ultimately your story and your expertise are unique to you. So the things that have got you to where you are now in business and life, the highs, the lows, what you've learned, they are the things that connect you to other people. And, you know, people are interested in people. So those are the stories that can really help you to connect to your audience.

[00:12:58.60] – Gresham Harkless

I love that, you know, you shared that as a nugget. And so now I wanted to ask you my absolute favorite question, which is the definition of what it means to be a CEO. And we're hoping to have different quote-unquote CEOs on the show. So, Caroline, what does being a CEO mean to you?

[00:13:12.20] – Caroline Joynson

I think for me, being a CEO means being a master of your own destiny. Because, you know, I've been employed by other people, you know, for in my career. And whilst that's been great, you know, as a business owner now and the CEO of my own business, it's kind of like a chance to do the business how I want to do it. I know when I first went freelance sort of six years ago, you know, I was I've always done everything from, you know, writing the press releases, to sending them out, to doing the strategy, and it's just nice to go back to being able to do every, being able to do every level and happy to do every level. And also but it because I know it's for my, you know, it's for my own business. It's not for someone else's business. So I think, definitely being in charge of my destiny is what a CEO means to me.

[00:14:01.00] – Gresham Harkless

Truly appreciate that definition. I appreciate your time even more. What I wanted to do was pass you the mic, so to speak, just to see if there's anything additional you can let our readers and listeners know, and, of course, how best they can get a hold of you and find out all the awesome things that you're working on.

[00:14:14.89] – Caroline Joynson

Yeah. Sure. So, I mean, as opposed to anything else, I guess, as much as I say about owning your store and your expertise that, you know, business and trying to promote yourself, it's always best to start with your target audience and your ideal customer. So who you're trying to reach, because if you don't know who they are, it's very hard to reach them. So that's kind of like a bonus tip if you like. And, you know, it's just about PR is all about being able to talk to the right people in the right place at the right time. And also to, as I say, build those relationships and build your reputation by other people saying you're good rather than just saying it yourself.

So if you want to find out more about me what I do and how PR could work for you, then there are a few places where you can find me. My website is cheerleader pr dot com, so come and have a look on there. I have a free Facebook group, which is called PR for passionate go-getters, And I give loads of PR advice and tips in there, and it's a very supportive community of other, you know, passionate business owners. And then on Instagram, I am at cheerleader underscore PR. So they're probably the three places I hang out the most. So, you know, come and see me over there if you want to have a chat about PR and learn more about it.

[00:15:29.79] – Gresham Harkless

Absolutely. Well, I appreciate that, Caroline. We will have the links and information in the show notes just so that everybody can follow up with you. But I truly appreciate that. Appreciate that reminder and and, again, that empowerment piece on how you're empowering so many entrepreneurs and business owners to be able to to to be the change, to be the impact they wish to see in the world. So I truly appreciate that, and I hope you have a phenomenal rest of the day.

[00:15:52.00] – Outro

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