IAM1347 – CEO Leads Global Brand Focusing on Gender and Diversity in the Tech Industry

Special Throwback Podcast Interview with Kate Brodock

Kate Brodock is CEO of Women 2.0, a global brand that focuses on gender and diversity in the tech industry through programs, products, and media.

  • CEO Story: Kate had the opportunity to acquire the assets of the company which is over a decade old. With her background in the non-profit organization, she is excited to combine both worlds and make them sustainable with an impact focus.
  • Business Service: Events network, conferences, and local events.
  • Secret Sauce: Over a decade company, one of the strongest brands. Strong focus on earlier stage companies.
  • CEO Hack: Executive/Startup Coach & Building around weaknesses. BookRadical Candor by Kim Scott
  • CEO Nugget: Executive/Startup Coach & Be comfortable with the delegation and developing a relationship built upon trust.
  • CEO Defined: How to empower her team and make sure decisions are being made and are effective.

Websitewww.women2.com , www.katebrodock.com

Twitter: women2 , just_kate

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