IAM1269 – The Leap of Faith into Building Her Own Marketing Agency

Podcast Interview with Andrea Siy

Andrea Siy has more than 25 years of experience in the marketing communications field in both agency and corporate environments. She is the CEO and founder of the marketing agency SiY Communications, Inc., which offers a full range of marketing services since its start in 2003. The agency combines strategic thinking and proven marketing techniques with an innovative and creative style. Andrea has shared her knowledge at several conferences including The Executive Forum (Florida), the Plastics News Marketing Summits (Chicago), Women Breaking the Mold (Chicago), The Women in Business Conference (New Hampshire), and NE/SAE Digital Conference (virtual) as well as local events. Along with sharing her wealth of marketing tips and tricks, Andrea is passionate about helping women manage the challenges of running a company and running a family and provides guidance for working moms.

  • CEO Story: Andrea took that leap of faith from working for an agency to building her own agency.
  • Business Service: Full-service marketing agency. Print, Design, web design, and other marketing projects.
  • Secret Sauce: Amazing design projects, high-level work, and super responsive.
  • CEO Hack: Recommended Book: Hug your haters by Jay Baer ( how do you do with reviews)  and Talk Triggers (creating an experience that people talk about). Andrew Davis – Speaker. Talks about the buyer's journey.
  • CEO Nugget: Changing relationship with time. Doing one task at a time. Having a structure to make life easier.
  • CEO Defined: Optimism that is shared with clients and employees. Paying attention, caring, and listening.

Website: siycommunications.com

LinkedIn: andreasiy

Facebook: SiyCom

Twitter: SiyComm

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3LqrT4hBNqsD__z2Bdh8QQ?view_as=subscriber

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