IAM1260 – CEO Recreated Health and Wellness in a Fun, Interactive and Innovative Way

Podcast Interview with Angela Minardi

As a marketing and digital consultant with more than 15 years in corporate marketing and digital health, Angela has traveled the world working for some of the biggest companies and truly understands what it means to provide high-class service in a personalized way. She founded Fit City Adventures in 2018 to cultivate and inspire meaningful human connections why giving back to the community through corporate team building and wellness. She is passionate about sharing these unique experiences with an active twist to connect teams in a healthy way.

  • CEO Story: Having a passion for health and wellness and a wide experience in the corporate world, Angela stepped up and pursue her mission to bring the wellness community into a fun and innovative way to bring the best unique experience for each individual.
  • Business Service: Event planners and conferences. With customized activities according to the client’s preference. She also does corporate wellness.
  • Secret Sauce: Finding the new and latest trends as it relates to experiences. Tailoring everything.
  • CEO Hack: Stack of Virtual Assistants that works behind the scene. App: Hubspot lead gending – a tool that converts leads. App: Thnks that can send text msgs, a relationship-building platform.
  • CEO Nugget:  There are no wrong decisions, they’re just decisions, always move forward. Focus on your strengths. Value your time.
  • CEO Defined: Doing what you love to do, sharing your strengths with the world, building a team, and building a brand and a business. “A title is a title but it’s really on how you embody leadership”



Instagram: fitcityadventures

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