IAM1257 – Founder with Disability Built Realty Business

Podcast Interview with Zylo Marshall

This is about brain injury as an infant, success (Licensed realtor without the use of a car), and failure on the basis of fraud and corruption.

  • CEO Story: Challenged by his disability, but did not stop Zylo from working and achieving his license as a realtor.
  • Business Service: Real state listing. Buy and Sell of properties.
  • Secret Sauce: Do the best way you can even if you have a disability. Foundation of positivity. Be honest with yourself and with the world.
  • CEO Hack: Not giving up, find a way. Use whatever resources you have, to the highest standard.
  • CEO Nugget: Helping people with invading them. Be yourself.
  • CEO Defined: Build your own foundation without someone holding your hand.

Facebook: promotestory


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