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Podcast Interview with Taylor Cacciola

Taylor Cacciola is one of the co-founders at Namra Consulting Group – a Boston based digital marketing company that specializes in social media management, marketing, and advertising. At its core – NCG is a marketing consulting firm, first. That means creating custom marketing solutions based on each one of their client's unique problems, needs, and goals.

  • CEO Hack: Google task manager on Google account
  • CEO Nugget: Do the right thing and let that guide you
  • CEO Defined: Getting stuff done and taking control

Website: http://namraconsulting.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/namraconsulting
Instagram: @TaylorCacciola

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Intro 0:02
Do you want to learn effective ways to build relationships, generate sales and grow your business from successful entrepreneurs, startups and CEOs without listening to a long, long, long interview? If so, you've come to the right place, Gresham Harkless values your time and is ready to share with you precisely the information you are in search of. This is the I am CEO podcast.

Gresham Harkless 0:29
Hello, hello, hello, this is Gresh from the I am CEO podcast I have a very special guest on the show today at Taylor Kashi Ola of Navarre consulting Taylor, it's awesome having on the show.

Taylor Cacciola 0:39
Hey, thanks for having me, man. I appreciate it. What's going on?

Gresham Harkless 0:42
No problem, super excited to have you on as well. And before we jumped in, I want to read a little bit more about Taylor so you can hear about all these awesome things that he's doing. And Taylor is one of the cofounders of nonwork Consulting Group, a Boston based digital marketing company that specializes in social media management, marketing, and advertising. At its core, NCG is a marketing consulting firm first, that means creating custom marketing solutions based on each one of their client's unique problems, needs and goals tailored to speak to the imcl community.

Taylor Cacciola 1:11
Yeah, man, I'm excited. Gresh. And let's let's let's do it.

Gresham Harkless 1:14
Let's do it. So to kick everything off, I wanted to rewind the clock a little bit here a little bit more on how you got started. Can you take us through your story? And what led you to get started with the law? Some things you're working on?

Taylor Cacciola 1:24
Yeah, absolutely. So it actually started back in college about five years ago, when I, I was friends with one of my partners. Now it's myself, my two partners at Nami. And we all went to UMass Dartmouth. So I actually had a family business. So that was my thing. I was going to college, play baseball, you know, get a marketing degree. And then now is there is gonna take over the family does. Turns out my parents ended up selling that business. So I was like, Oh, shit, what do I do? Oh, no, I honestly, it's like fate. Man, I found that my two partners, they had already started non rolling paper, they were starting to work on it. They asked me if I was interested. And just for some reason, man, it felt like the right thing to do. I was in kind of a, you know, I was looking for something. And I found it and Dove headfirst. And, you know, we start we started nominate as basically helping local businesses with their social media management, because we wanted to leave college with something more than you know, just like a little piece of paper. And that's what we did. So that's kind of a backstory. And five years later here, here we are.

Gresham Harkless 2:22
Nice. That's absolutely awesome. Was your parents business? was it? Was it a Social Media Marketing Agency to I'm guessing it wasn't?

Taylor Cacciola 2:29
Oh, no, no, no. horsehead deli meat distributor. So okay. Swinging hands is LinkedIn, Twitter. So same thing? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely

Gresham Harkless 2:40
not. I love that. And you know, it's so funny. And I don't know, if you find this exact same experience, I always say, I used to play basketball. That was my thing. And I always felt like, there's a synergy between our kind of alignment between running a business and work in the business as it is being a really good athlete. I didn't make it to the NBA or anything. So I can't say I was that good. But you know, you try to bring it home and business. I don't know, if you find that it overlaps.

Taylor Cacciola 3:02
Totally Well, you might not be that great at basketball or sports. But I think in the back of your mind, you always know like, well, I could be if I can find me, but maybe I'm too lazy, you know. Same thing is true with being you know, owning a business, you know, the right things to do and doing the right thing, you know, quote unquote, works, whether you're playing sports business, you know, so I think you nailed that.

Gresham Harkless 3:25
Yeah, absolutely start to find a lot of that repetition and the things that consistency, show up for better or worse, sometimes if for me, playing basketball wasn't as great, but definitely showing up as businesses definitely been. Great. So I know you touched on a little bit and what you all are doing for clients, could you take us through a little bit more on how you're serving clients what exactly that process looks like?

Taylor Cacciola 3:45
Yeah, so what basically we do is we're a digital marketing company that focuses specifically on social media management, marketing and advertising. Right now, we're hyperlocal to Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. So what that looks like essentially, is sitting down with our clients and potential prospects and developing a full blown marketing strategy for their social media. Because that's, it's basically a core core part of businesses marketing. Sometimes that's all they do for marketing is social media. So we actually work with them on the marketing side of things. And then how can we best execute on social media, we're not just posting cat gifts, and we're not just posting like, who wants to buy a house who wants that? So we actually are taking a marketing strategy, applying it to social media, and then we're actually handling you know, the day to day content creation making posts, handling those posts, running paid advertisements, and then for our clients in New England, we're actually creating a ton of video production stuff we're doing, you know, everything from parody videos to sit down talking head interview style videos, so that's that's really what we do.

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Gresham Harkless 4:48
Nice. Absolutely. You know, love and appreciate that and it kind of sounds like as you said, not just posting the the cat videos and the dog videos. It sounds like it's it's based on what the clients trying to accomplish. And I think so. Many times, it's, I don't know, if you experienced this, when you talk with clients, it just kind of jump in and just like, Oh, this person has done X, Y, and Z, they look like they got a lot of likes a lot of comments. So let me do the exact same thing, not thinking about what I'm trying to accomplish from a business standpoint.

Taylor Cacciola 5:12
Correct. And that's where we talked about, like, if you ever heard of vanity metrics, we're not so concerned with like the number of likes or impressions on the page. More so you know, I'd rather have four quarters than 110. So that's kind of a term we use, where if I can get four likes from people in my sphere of influence people who might potentially be qualified, you know, buyers bands, people are going to actually make moves on our business, then I would rather have four of those than 100 people who are just gonna like, make me feel good. And give me that little kiddo. That's that's that's kind of Armand

Gresham Harkless 5:45
nice, absolutely love that. I might borrow that from you for for four quarters instead of 1000. pennies, because,

Taylor Cacciola 5:50
yeah, I know when I like remember those?

Gresham Harkless 5:54
There you go. I don't I didn't hear from anybody else. So you're the author and my book. So I wanted to ask you now for what I call your secret sauce. And this could be for you personally, or the business or combination of both? What What do you feel kind of sets you apart and makes you unique?

Taylor Cacciola 6:07
Yeah. So what really sets us apart is I think, just one where we're just like going against the grain, whenever we see that if necessary. So we're a digital marketing company. But we're hyperlocal. And we don't want to work with clients all over the place, because we feel that is what's going to provide them with the best service. You know, we don't just focus on posting and having like, click Beatty, things on social media, we focus on marketing first, and then social media. We're only on social media, because it works for marketing. That's like, and I think that's what our secret sauce is. We are a marketing company at our core first. And then social media. You know, if the VR headsets in like the VR contact lenses come out tomorrow, we'll be marketing there as opposed to social media or whatever that whatever that, that that's, that's, I think, really where we kind of separate ourselves from other companies in what it's like our secret sauce. I don't know if that's a good answer to that.

Gresham Harkless 6:59
Yeah, no, it makes perfect sense, I think to me, but I want to just throw it back to you to make sure I fully understand and everybody else does, too. Because I think that one of the bonuses and one of the benefits of social media is that so many people are there and they're engaging. And from you saying that you're a marketing company. First, it kind of sounds like you're going to be where it is for the clients to be successful. And if it is, as it is, now, social media is a great place there. As you mentioned, the the VR, if that becomes the wave in the next 10 years or whatever, you're gonna make sure that you're put your marketing first and I say, Oh, you have to do this. Because we're a social media company. Exact, we

Taylor Cacciola 7:32
have no vested interest in the actual companies or mediums themselves. If all of a sudden there's a better opportunity. We'll be there. We'll figure it out. And we'll take our clients there. That's that you're exactly right.

Gresham Harkless 7:43
Yeah, absolutely love that. So many times I talk a lot about, I call it like the different ways you can market your company like ingredients like you're going to the restaurant to the to the grocery store, trying to figure out what you're going to put into your dish. And so many times we get so obsessed with ingredients. Oh, I have to do Tick Tock because everybody's on six pack, but not doing that marketing work first. So that's why I love it. That's a core of what you all are doing.

Taylor Cacciola 8:05
Yeah, it's a great point. And that's a big that's one of the number one questions I get asked like, do I need to be on tik tok? Should I be on Snapchat? And it's like, hold on, there's no yet it's not? It's there's no simple answers. If you want the right answer, unfortunately, it's a multivariate analysis of like figuring out the problem solution. So you got it and you nailed it.

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Gresham Harkless 8:24
Nice. Well, I definitely appreciate that. And I think so many people understand and hopefully hear that you have to do that marketing work versus great that you take your clients do that exercise in that clear clarity, I guess you can say, so that to make sure that you're in the right place at the right time for the right people. And I want to just switch gears a little bit, and I want to ask you for what I call a CEO hack. So this could be like an app or book or habit that you have. But what's something that makes you more effective and efficient? Um, well,

Taylor Cacciola 8:51
I guess because I'm in the car a lot, you know, the easy ones like Audible, that I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts and stuff like that. But actually, my partner showed me one last night. That's awesome. Well, I'm all about like efficiency, trying to like really focus in narrowing on task. How can I, you know, I have, I have two different journals going and every time I have, you know, right, so for me, efficiency is important. The one app I have is if you go into like Gmail, there's a Google Task Manager. And it's like, awesome, it real, it's easy to reorganize everything, it's so much easier than writing it down on a piece of paper, it's better than putting it into my notes on my phone. So I think that the task, the task manager, it has an app, it's right, built into your Google Google account. So I really love that. That's kind of my hack today, I guess.

Gresham Harkless 9:37
Nice. I absolutely love that. And it's so funny, because I haven't, you know, looked at the task manager within Google. But it's so funny. I always tell people that I use my email a lot of times like a task manager, so it's only natural that they should have once I actually have to check that out and see.

Taylor Cacciola 9:52
Yeah, now I highly suggest it. I have I have that on the right. I have my Google Calendar right there. I have my HubSpot CRM and I have all my Now it's like I could just stare. Stare at a screen for even longer now.

Gresham Harkless 10:04
Yeah, absolutely. And when you don't stare at a screen, when you're driving, you have the audible too. So I love you know, being able to, to kind of take in that information because I often say like a lot of people you spend time around, and a lot of things you take in are kind of who you are, and what will be your future, essentially. So it's so important to kind of get always to sharpen that saw.

Taylor Cacciola 10:23
That's right, man. Don't delude yourself with with bad stuff. That's it, you can do it a lot of different ways. Absolutely. So

Gresham Harkless 10:29
I wanted to ask you now for what I call a SEO nugget. And this could be a word of wisdom or a piece of advice, it might be something you would tell a client or if you happen to a time machine, you might tell your younger business self.

Taylor Cacciola 10:41
I so I'm very big on I don't know, maybe this is too cliche, but you know, really big on personal responsibility. So do the right thing. You know, I think 99% of the time, we know, we might not know what the right thing to do is, but we know when we're doing the wrong thing. And like, let that guide you. I think I A lot of times when I first started my company, I was doing what I thought everyone else was doing. Or I did what like was cool. Or maybe what I felt as though as CEO, which was supposed to be doing or what a company was supposed to be doing. And a lot of times that went against like my instincts to like, naturally questions and be like, Why is everyone doing that? That's stupid, like, listen to that internal Damon that's saying, like, don't do that do this. And I think that's the biggest thing, whether it's you know, some people have a hard time getting out of bed early. Some people have a hard time organizing your life. Just really, what pay attention to yourself, pay attention to like what your body's telling you and listen to that. More than not, I found good results come

Gresham Harkless 11:44
come from? Awesome, awesome. Awesome. So now I want to ask you my absolute favorite question. And this the definition of what it means to be a quote unquote, CEO. And we're hoping to have different quote unquote CEOs on the show. So Taylor, what does being a CEO mean to you?

Taylor Cacciola 11:56
Yeah, absolutely. So this is the one question I was thinking about. Because I listened to the podcast, we talked about this a little bit. And I'm not technically a CEO, right, I handle the sales side of things. So CSL whatever want to call it, but I, we kind of talked a little bit about this. And I think that like real meaning of a CEO is like getting stuff done, and taking control of whether it's your life business. So for me, it's being the person who's like that type A or that, you know, just getting things done the right way every single time, whether it's in your life, your work, your family, your health, doing everything right, contributes to the end goal. And I think that's what like being a CEO means. So I can kind of like try and clarify that. I guess, the way you do one thing is the way you'll do everything. So if you want to crush it in business, you can't your health can't suffer. And you should be working on making your family in order. So if you can really just put everything in your life in order, I think that's kind of the the, the epitome of being a CEO, or kind of what we're all looking to strive to. I know that's kind of like simple, but I really think it's like almost overlooked, you know?

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Gresham Harkless 13:03
Yeah, it's huge. It's so it's so funny, I always feel like the last times we're looking for advice on how to do certain things. And a lot of times the advice itself is simple the execution not so much. So I love what you talked about, because I was envisioning kind of like a car, where you know, you have your business will go and you have your maybe personal development will go in, but your relationship is like bought an artist flat and it doesn't allow the car to go. And I think so many times if we forget about all those different aspects and remembering like the way we do one thing is the way we do all things, then often it's not only to our detriment, but to the detriment of it those around us.

Taylor Cacciola 13:38
Correct. And I think that's so important. So I actually have a quick question for you. And when you've talked to a lot of people about this, and when I was like a little kid when I heard CEO, and I think this is like what most people think when they're little, it's like make a lot of money, do like big business stuff. Has that ever been an answer? You know, and maybe people don't want to say that. But I feel like it's never been about, you know, making the most money or in life. Because a lot of times the CEO doesn't early on, but have you ever experienced that? Has anyone ever said that?

Gresham Harkless 14:03
Yeah, a lot of times people say they don't necessarily feel like they are a CEO largely because of that. And that's one of the reasons I really enjoy asking this question. Because I think if you really take ownership, as you talked about, of your life of your business of your role, whatever the title may be, then you really can be the CEO, which I think if we really drill down, it's talking about taking control getting stuff done, as you said so well. And I think so many times if we really ask ourselves, the things that we sometimes associate with words or have as a definition, may not be what it is, but we never ever asked that question. So I hear it sometimes but I think when people get on the show and they they hear the question, they're like, I never really thought about it. But now that you mentioned it, maybe I think it's x y z said abmc

Taylor Cacciola 14:48
Yeah, I think that's perfect. I think that's perfect. Yeah, embody embody the CEO and then the payment The money will come later whatever it is. So

Gresham Harkless 14:55
yeah, absolutely. And people define you know, success according to how they want To find success, so it might be money it might be influence it might be number of likes or whatever that was. But you get to chart that, that that path for yourself. Cool. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, Taylor, truly appreciate that definition. And I appreciate your time even more. What I wanted to do is pass you the mic, so to speak, just to see if there's anything additional, you can let our readers and listeners know and of course, how best they can get a hold of you find out all the awesome things your team are working on.

Taylor Cacciola 15:24
Yeah, totally. So if you're looking to work with me or non working group or just want to learn more, check out our website now more consulting.com we just revamped it. We worked really hard on it so that it's super clear, super transparently. If you have any questions on you know, any one of our services, it really walks you right down. So check that out. And if you do have a question, submit your form and like submit a form board, you know, my my contact information, my cell phone, email is all over the place. So nama consulting nm ra consulting.com. That'd be awesome.

Gresham Harkless 15:57
Awesome, awesome. Also, I definitely appreciate that again, Taylor, we will have the links and information in the show notes. But I truly appreciate you know, all the work that you do the reminder to us about like how the way we show up and whether that be digitally or online is the way we show it for so many things. So helping so many businesses and organizations and in your area be able to get their name out is so important. So I appreciate you for doing that. Appreciate your time of course and I hope you have a great rest of the day.

Outro 16:22
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