IAM2051 – Entrepreneur Launches Company to Help Women Who Suffer from Pelvic, Vulvar Pain

Podcast Interview with Tara Langdale

In this episode, we have Tara Langdale, founder of VuvaTech, a company dedicated to assisting women with pelvic and vulvar pain through innovative magnetic vaginal dilators.

Tara shares her personal battle with endometriosis and Vulvodynia, leading to her creation of a product that has helped over 10,000 women experience sexual normalcy and reduced pelvic pain.

The discussion covers the lack of adequate medical diagnosis and care for various pelvic conditions, VuvaTech's unique approach to customer support, and the importance of listening to and genuinely aiding the sufferers.

Tara also emphasizes the power of mindset in entrepreneurship, citing ‘The Secret' as a significant influence, and offers advice to budding entrepreneurs about thinking outside the box and the importance of solving real problems to achieve business success.

Key Points:
  • Background: Tara Langdale suffered from endometriosis and underwent multiple pelvic surgeries, starting at the age of 11. She created a device to help with Vulvodynia, a condition that causes painful intercourse, and partnered with her business partner to establish Vuva Tech, located in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Vuva Tech: The company's mission is to help approximately one in seven women in the US who suffer from pelvic and vulvar pain. Their product, the VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilator, has been clinically proven to alleviate pelvic pain and sexual discomfort, improving the lives of women seeking sexual normalcy. They have helped over 10,000 women in the past two years.
  • CEO Hack: Tara recommends the book and movie “The Secret” as a valuable resource to help manifest and achieve desired goals.
  • CEO Nugget: Tara emphasizes the importance of thinking outside the box when searching for solutions to problems.
  • CEO Defined: For Tara, being a CEO means having the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants, and helping others get to where she is.
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Tara Langdale Teaser 00:00

There aren't that many out there that actually know what they're talking about. Physicians, unfortunately, about all these pelvic pain conditions, they keep lumping them into this category of menopause and endometriosis or one or the other.

But there's other things going on besides those two conditions that everyone are, you know, are quite aware of. So we just kind of go beyond. the extra step and we really listen to people and give them advice and it's fun.

Intro 00:25

Do you want to learn effective ways to build relationships, generate sales, and grow your business from successful entrepreneurs, startups, and CEOs without listening to a long, long, long interview?

If so, you've come to the right place. Gresham Harkness values your time and is ready to share with you precisely the information you're in search of. This is the I Am CEO Podcast.

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Gresham Harkless 00:53

Hello, hello, hello. This is Gresh from the I Am CEO podcast, and I have a very special guest on the show today. I have Tara Langdale of Vuva Tech. Tara, are you ready to speak to the I Am CEO community?

Tara Langdale 01:03

Yes. I'm very excited about this opportunity today.

Gresham Harkless 01:06

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. But before we get started, what I wanted to do was just read a little bit more about Tara so you can learn a little bit more about her and hear about all the awesome things that she's been able to accomplish.

And Tara suffered from endometriosis and had many pelvic surgeries beginning at the age of 11. After creating advice to help out with the vulvodynia, a condition that causes painful intercourse, her and her business partner started a company based in Sarasota, Florida, dedicated to helping the estimated one in seven women in the United States who suffer from pelvic and vulvar pain.

The vulva magnetic vaginal dilator has been clinically proven to relieve pelvic pain and sexual discomfort and has improved the lives of women seeking sexual normalcy.

They have helped over 10,000 women in the past two years. So Tara, are you ready to speak to the I Am CEO community?

Tara Langdale 01:55

Yes, I am.

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