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Podcast Interview with Molly Keyser

As a successful professional photographer for 16 years, she turned her knowledge into a business course for other photographers. She grew that course business to $2M per year helping tens of thousands of business owners worldwide. She now helps business owners turn their passion into their own online course for a stream of passive income. Molly currently lives in New Mexico with her husband Aaron, and dog franklin, and you can often find them camping in the mountains, road-tripping, or around a campfire with friends.

The Mission of Profitable Courses helps business owners turn their passion into their own profitable online courses for passive sales.

  • CEO Story: Essentially, Molly has always had a passion for business and in high school, she had a passion for photography and so in college, she went to pursue her passion but sadly she was not taught about having a business, so she dropped it out and pursued to have one. After a few years, Molly had a successful studio and other photographers started asking her how she did it. And so she found out about digital products and online courses. For six years she taught photographers through her course and grew it to over 2 million dollars per year. In 2021, Molly and her husband started their own company as their sole focus now, where they help business owners, content creators and coaches turn their knowledge into their own profitable online digital products.
  • Business Service: Online Course: Profitable Courses. Membership called creator accelerator.
  • Secret Sauce: Teach yourself results, and start to get others results. You don’t need to get so many years of experience or profit in order to teach others.
  • CEO Hack: In business, you need to be in a good mood. You need to be taking care of yourself and your mental health. Find yourself in a consistently good mood.
  • CEO Nugget: When you go to create your own product and you get it selling, don’t go and create another product, just keep selling that one product.
  • CEO Defined: Being a great visionary and steering your company in a great direction. Constantly living in the future, constantly seeing what’s your market next. The success of your company really comes down to you and where you’re steering it.
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Website: https://www.profitablecourses.com

Instagram: mollymkeyser

Facebook: profitablecreatormovement

TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdpkYrqj/

Youtube: mollykeyser

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