IAM1571 – Coach and Human Builder on a Mission to Bring Genuine Human Connections on Social Media

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Mac Brazina

My mission is to connect, train, and evolve, with humans around the world by bringing humanity back to social media. After all, that’s all any of this is actually about — genuine human connection. To remind you that this life is yours, we’re all a little messed up and that’s okay because you aren’t alone. Together we can truly make life happen for you.

  • CEO Story: Mac is a serial entrepreneur that runs through the bloodline. She has a passion for fitness. People do not just go to the gym, they called and wanted to talk with Mac, and that’s where she found out about coaching and not just about fitness and making a difference in the lives of other people.
  • Business Service: Fitness nutrition lifestyle mindset. Nutrition as the foundational layer.
  • Secret Sauce: Caring about the life of the client. Giving the support system.
  • CEO Hack: (1) My “human” is my business partner (2) Being grateful knowing everything you have now is enough
  • CEO Nugget: You don't have it all together and that's okay
  • CEO Defined: Being a leader not just a boss

Instagram: the_human_builder

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