IAM1508 – Coach Shares the Happiness of Being Healthy and Fit

Special Throwback Episode Podcast Interview with Marcus Watts

Former Professional basketball player (6'8″ 240″) turned Sustainable Health & Fitness coach (I'm also vegan and have been for some time now) Ended pro career in 2011 and opened my first gym in 2013 and onto my second gym in 2016. Lots of highs and lows. From a massively growing gym and community to losing my vehicle & going days without eating. My passion is sharing the happiness that being healthy and fit can bring to anyone of any journey. Currently, I've transitioned to mainly online systems allowing me to reach and support even more people.

  • CEO Story: Marcus’ long-term goal while he was still in his Senior year was to create a community center that is focused on the youth linking athletics and academics. Now he is working on what he is passionate about and connecting with people and helping them with their health and fitness needs.
  • Business Service: Online coaching. Helping clients identify their problems, and what they are struggling with. Then they will be given a fitness program for their need.
  • Secret Sauce: Human connection – the most powerful resource at your disposal.
  • CEO Hack: Raving Fans,, ContentSumo, Canva
  • CEO Nugget: Done is better than perfect
  • CEO Defined: Accepting that you have a vision

Facebook: thewattsguyfitness
Instagram: thewattsguy
Twitter: thewattsguy
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