IAM1498 – Speaking Coach Helps the Unconfident Speakers to be Good on Stage

Podcast Interview with Philip Sessions

Philip is a husband, Christian, fitness enthusiast, coach, author, podcast host, public speaker, and speaking coach at Speaking Sessions.

Philip is a connector of people and inspires them to become the best version of themselves. He does this by helping people build a stronger mindset, learn to speak more confidently, and get comfortable in their own skin so they can impact others through their message.

  • CEO Story: Philip attended his first growth conference in 2015. And few years later, seeing the success of the people who attended that conference inspired and changed the trajectory of Philip’s life – seeing what entrepreneurship is all about. Started his entrepreneurial journey after listening to podcasts, then start making his own in 2017, starting to connect with people, joining mastermind groups and mentors and continue to work on a better self, building his CEO story and branding himself as a speaking coach.
  • Business Service: Speaking coach – helping individuals speak with confidence. Coaching program community – incubation
  • Secret Sauce: Being able to relate with people and connect. Big smile, giver, and having a genuine conversation.
  • CEO Hack:  App mention: CalendlyScheduling calendar for you and that you can send a link to your client or person to meet.
  • CEO Nugget: Do the things that would make you uncomfortable, because those are the things that will make you grow.
  • CEO Defined: Person that is ultimately responsible – for your business and to anybody around you including those who work for you.

Website: speakingsessions.com

Instagram: iamphilipsessions

Facebook: william.philip.sessionsII


Podcast: speakingsessions.com/podcast

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Book: Mindset-Over-Motivation-Temporary-Establish

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