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Podcast Interview with Angelina Rosario

Angelina Rosario’s motto is “turn pain into purpose”. While leading the sales department in one of the top media markets in the country, she was diagnosed with a disfiguring, fast-growing tumor in her face the size of a baseball. As a result, she underwent four major surgeries, removing five teeth, a nerve, and bone from her right hip, which left her barely walking or talking. She created the 5×5 Success Habits to achieve a complete recovery, a true testimony that even extreme adversity can be turned into victory. Since then, she has influenced thousands of people by teaching them that applying this method to trials, setbacks, and fears is a secret weapon to overcoming any challenge and becoming the best version of themselves. Angelina implements these strategies throughout all her activities: As a sales leader, certified ICF coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

  • CEO Story: Angelina’s turning point was when she was diagnosed with a tumor on her face. She went into major surgeries and miracles did happen as she continued to declare healing and dedicated her life to serving and helping people through her life testimony of turning adversity into victory. Coaching others to overcome challenges and use them for a purpose.
  • Business Service: 1-on-1 coaching and corporate coaching. Speaker. Mastermind program.
  • Secret Sauce: Awareness, science, ability to simplify processes from complex and execute them. Strength finder, strategic.
  • CEO Hack: Self-conversation with your employees or clients and journal your thoughts and emotions. Start asking empowering questions. Create space and intentionality.
  • CEO Nugget: Creating consistency in your life. Be very clear on your intention and your niche.
  • CEO Defined: Being multi-dimensional. Maximizing God-given talent.
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