IAM1473 – Six-Figure Freelancing: Embracing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Melanie Padgett Powers

In this episode on Deliberate Freelancer podcast, Gresham shares lessons he has learned along the way towards his six-figure goal and the power of focus. He encourages business owners to follow their passions and not relent in their course of action.

One of the lessons Gresham learned along the way—as he headed toward his six-figure goal—was that he could not do everything at the same time. Brimming with ideas, he realized he needed to focus on what could make the most impact on his business.

Gresham also learned that it’s important to be able to quickly pivot and adjust to situations, like the pandemic, to be a successful business owner. It’s helpful as a business owner to be comfortable trying new things, changing up your business, taking risks. Being resilient and having an entrepreneurial mindset is important during times of change and challenges.

Gresham struggles with one of the things he loves the most: being able to focus, when he has a lot of ideas and things he wants to develop. He handles that by taking a new big idea and breaking it down into a smaller idea that is more doable with the time and energy he has.

Gresham talks about not having a support system around him as he began to think about starting an entrepreneurial business. Sometimes loved ones won’t support your decision, and that can affect your confidence and self-worth. Connecting with an entrepreneurial community helped him realize his ideas and goals were possible.

Biz Bite: Use project management software (Basecamp, Asana)


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Episode Link: https://progreshion.com/2020/12/04/gresh-is-featured-on-deliberate-freelancer-podcast/

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