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Podcast Interview with Lauren Fitzpatrick

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks Founder and CEO of KeepWOL has over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, product creation, software program management, staffing management, and engineering. She’s worked at 5 different Fortune 500 companies and is no stranger to being the “first” or “only.”

She’s the first Black woman to graduate from The University of Kansas’ Aerospace Engineering Department and the first Black woman to win the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) international design competition. She’s a recipient of the Women in Technology Rising Star Award, and she has an MBA in Operations Management.

Though she’s an engineer by trade, at her core, she's a curious, and at times overly transparent, conversationalist with a superpower of getting others to break down their fear of vulnerability and feel comfortable sharing as well.

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