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Podcast Interview with Anastasia Schmalz and Tomer Arwas

Anastasia Schmalz and Tomer Arwas are money mindset and startup coaches, and the creators of the blog GenerationNomads.com. Having reached financial independence under 30 through real estate and stocks investments, they left their cushy corporate careers to travel the world for 18 months without working or touching their savings.

Before founding Generation Nomads, Anastasia worked as new product development consultant and Tomer worked as an IT project manager in Fortune 500 companies. Combined, Anastasia and Tomer have over 10 years of experience in mentoring startups and scale ups in various industries and managing over USD 1 million digital innovation and IT implementation projects.

On GenerationNomads.com, they have garnered a monthly readership of 15,000 from over 170 countries. Their Freedom Framework is used to teach millennials how to design and reach a freedom lifestyle. In The 9-5 Escape Plan program, they help their clients create and acquire passive income assets.

They live in one of their favorite cities in the world – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From Amsterdam, they work with aspiring entrepreneurs in The 9-5 Escape Plan coaching program.

  • CEO Hack: Having multiple sources of income
  • CEO Nugget: You can achieve anything you want in any amount of time
  • CEO Defined: Having the freedom of choice and sharing your superpowers with the world



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/generationnomads/

Full Interview:

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