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Podcast Interview with Avishek Kataria

Avishek Kataria is an ex-entrepreneur and a growth master. He had co-founded one of India's first organic cotton t-shirt brand. Avishek has headed growth for 2 digital products – a SAAS product and an e-commerce product, and have achieved significant growth for both products. He also promotes inclusive and collaborative leadership practices through my platform Idea Toasters. His why is to build and grow products that take things a few miles forward in the evolution process.
Key Achievements –
– Co-founded 2 ventures one was an organic cotton t-shirt brand and the other was an incentive-based video advertising platform.
– Achieved 10x increase in the number of leads for a real estate CRM, Sell.Do
– Achieved a 7x increase for an e-commerce platform for endurance sports event called Eventjini (pre-COVID)
– Launched a content cum community platform to share knowledge on leadership practices called Idea Toasters
  • CEO Hack: Book- Principles by Ray Dalio (ii) Providing better customer experience
  • CEO Nugget: Do proper research before you start any company
  • CEO Defined: Higher responsibility


Personal Website – http://avishekkataria.com/
Idea Toasters – http://ideatoasters.com/
Blogs for Your Story – https://yourstory.com/author/avishek-kataria
Linkedin Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/avishek-kataria-3a626151/

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