IAM560- Entrepreneur On a Mission to Leave a Legacy of Love

Podcast Interview with TrishaTrixie Hunter-Merrill

Battling cancer twice changed her life forever. From Portfolio Entrepreneur for 20 + years, with hustle or two on the side, she decided to leave it all behind to leave a Legacy of Love. Trisha Trixie's life is forever changed and she hopes to change yours as well. In October of 2016, Trixie was faced with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. In 2017 she thought she was in the clear when they pronounced her in remission but as many cancer patients fear, her cancer came back with a vengeance as Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer when it moved to her ovaries and she underwent a complete hysterectomy and back on chemotherapy. Now, in and out of tests to watch if cancer comes back again, the battle is not over and her mission has just begun!

Her mission and purpose in life is to leave a Legacy of Love. She currently is doing that by helping others to Create a Life they Can Fall in Love with, sharing positive and uplifting posts on Facebook and Instagram through her My Legacy of Love Project and sending letters of love to others. The biggest news in all this is that she does is for FREE. She wants to help the world. She wants to Save the Starfish People. Make a difference. Create a ripple of positivity, Be a Good Human and Leave a Legacy of Love.

She shares” There are no guarantees in life, but no one knows that more than a cancer patient or someone suffering a debilitating illness. None of us know when our time is done, but those in a world of illness, know it better than others and know that time is short, so you better live it.”

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She still “Sprinkles Fabulousness” wherever she goes whenever she can, by leaving a legacy of love wherever she goes.

The idea is not to live forever but to leave a legacy of love that will.

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