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Podcast Interview with Brenda Di Bari

Brenda has had a unique life filled with challenges that have propelled her growth into a successful, strong, mature woman. She feels inspired to share her views on how these learnings can help shape and improve the lives of women and men looking for that spark in their lives for enhanced joy, happiness, love, and success.

We will hear how pivotal experiences from her past have shaped her business and personal success, including raising six kids on her own after the unexpected death of her late husband, necessitating life-changing decisions for the sake of the family. Her fundamental values and principles of treating people right and using personal discipline and commitment have allowed her to stay the course to now follow her passion for lifestyle coaching and mentoring. You will discover the methodology around visualization and positive thought energy she uses to explore and achieve the art of the possible in her own life.

Brenda follows a no BS approach. Always telling it like it is – she will now share with us how her process has led to success as an Entrepreneur in Real Estate, Fashion, Health, Fitness, and Wellness and can help you with your mindset toward your goals and ultimate happiness.

    • CEO Hack: Morning routine: Visualizing, meditating and coming up with gratitude
    • CEO Nugget: Have goals but be flexible
    • CEO Defined: There are no limits if you can think it



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