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Podcast Interview with Taylor Eyewalker

Taylor Eyewalker is a superfood imbibing, kundalini and tantric yoga teacher, counselor, creator of the UNCOIL Method, shamanic healer and organic perfumer. Between blissful bouts of healing and leading, you can find the urban yogini traveling to connect with different communities and cultures, writing, creating art projects and serving tea. Guided by the clear intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy and clarity in her every moment, Taylor’s ever-unfolding 8 limbed path has led her to the very forefront of the wellness movement, guiding others toward self-mastery and truth by way of this inspiring new health paradigm.

  • CEO Hack: Simple Equation for Happiness is Happiness = Be 5 minutes early + 10 percent below budget + 15 minutes in the morning to mold your day (future projection) + 20 minutes a day to do you (take time way) + 31 minutes for your meditation + 15/20 minutes to journal at the end of the day (observe your state and life)
  • CEO Nugget: You’re going to go into red flags and awesome situations and they are your golden and precious moments. Both are of value so don’t let it get you down.
  • CEO Defined: Offering. Taking complete and total responsibility for the script that is my reality. SRA – See Realize Act.

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