IAM636- Consultant Teaches the Business Side of Cannabis

Podcast Interview with Llauris Rener

Llauris Rener is the creative director and founder of 710 Squared. He is lead instructor of Green Skooled. They teach the business side of Cannabis. Mr. Rener has lectured coast to coast on the rudiments of branding, visual vocabulary, viral video marketing, sales and user experience design. He has served as the only African-American on the re-branding board of CEO SPACE International, and was a distinguished member of their faculty for many years. Often known as ‘The Branding Guy’, his skill sets are incredibly diverse. Over 10 years ago, he produced the first educational car detailing web series, Final Touch TV, which has grossed over a million views on YouTube. Today, Mr Rener is a highly accomplished and sought-after consultant, strategist, educator, and designer. He has worked with a plethora of clients, that include Fast Frame, Wendy Ida Fitness, Bombay Saphire, John Leslie Brown (son of renowned speaker Les Brown), and many other clients who’s names cannot be divulged, because of standing non-disclosure agreements.

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  • CEO Nugget: Your best customers are your most uneducated customers
  • CEO Defined: Leadership in terms of action


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