IAM1441 – Artist Creates a Collaborative Drawing Experience to Amplify Creative Expression

Podcast Interview with Chris Bent

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Artist, Chris is the founder of Piccles – a collaborative drawing experience to amplify creative expression. Winner of the MIT Creative Arts and the Hacking Health competitions, he can be found running workshops, running companies, or running through the woods in his free time.

  • CEO Story: Started his entrepreneurial journey at an early age mowing their own grass and then offering the same to his neighborhood to earn cash with his lawn mower. And that really planted those entrepreneurial seeds in him. Chris not only enjoys the time freedom but as well as the responsibility of doing the job and the opportunity to hire his friends. And it solidifies his mindset on being an entrepreneur and build his own company.
  • Business Service: Letting the clients express themselves through drawing. Workshop and team building.
  • Secret Sauce: Creativity and approaching things by best practices. Having a creative lens that brings color, fun, and energy. Simplify life.
  • CEO Hack: Following up. Following the leads. Building a network and following the threads builds connections.
  • CEO Nugget: Resilience, it requires keeping going on the roller coaster. Get those ideas started earlier and start cheap. Don’t beat yourself up.
  • CEO Defined: Being at the bottom of the pyramid. Supporting everyone and allowing their best work. Not run out of money or enthusiasm.

Website: www.piccles.com

Linkedin: chrisbent

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