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  • Check out my podcast interview on the I AM CEO podcast (@iamceocommunity) powered by @ceoblognation @blue16media #IAMCEO: [INSERT LINK]
  • Check out my podcast interview on the I AM CEO podcast (@iamceocommunity) powered by @ceoblognation #IAMCEO: [INSERT LINK]
  • I was a guest on the I AM CEO podcast, click this link to check out the interview #IAMCEO: [INSERT LINK]
  • Want to learn more about what I do? Check out this interview on @ceoblognation #IAMCEO: [INSERT LINK]
  • Hear my story and hear about my business on this podcast interview: Check out the interview #IAMCEO: [INSERT LINK]
  • I'm featured on this podcast with @progreshion speaking to @ceoblognation & the @iamceocommunity #IAMCEO: [INSERT LINK]
  • Do you want to hear what I think it means to be a CEO, check out my podcast interview on @ceoblognation #IAMCEO #CEORedefined: [INSERT LINK]
  • Want to hear the best advice you need on running your business? I provided a CEO Nugget to @iamceocommunity and @progreshion #IAMCEO #podcast #CEONugget: [INSERT LINK]
  • There’s one CEO Hack that I use on a regular everyday basis that makes helps me as a CEO. Find out what it is here #CEOHack: [INSERT LINK] 


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