IAM1702 – Co-founder Makes a Difference in People’s Experience of Technology

Podcast Interview with Asim Rais

Why it was selected for “CBNation Architects”: Asim's start was very similar to Gresh's where he was laid off which forces people to make the change at the very least not have the same frustration and pain again. Asim' talked about not just “building the technology” but “helping to solve the problems for clients.” He also reminded us that in business it's not just the things we are doing but the way that we are changing lives.

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Asim Rais Teaser 00:00

So we use our own experience and passion for helping others come up and like, bringing their ideas to life. And then we can just go one step ahead and scale that further. So this is what we really are very good at, and I think this is our USP.

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Do you want to learn effective ways to build relationships, generate sales, and grow your business from successful entrepreneurs, startups, and CEOs without listening to a long, long, long interview?

If so, you've come to the right place. Gresham Harkless values your time and is ready to share with you precisely the information you're in search of. This is the I am CEO podcast.

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Hello, hello, hello. This is Gresh from the I am CEO podcast and I appreciate you listening to this episode. If you've been listening this year, you know that we hit 1600 episodes at the beginning of this year. We're doing something a little bit different where we are repurposing our favorite episodes around certain categories, topics or as I like to call them, business pillars that we think are going to be extremely impactful for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners, and what I like to call the CB nation architects who are looking to level up their organizations.

This month we are focused on technology. We're a technology company that does dot, dot, dot. Technology is no longer an afterthought or something that you might do and is actually a core part of your business. If you are a real estate investor, you're using it. If you're a financial firm, if you're a cleaning company, author, speaker, you are using. If you are in any business, you are using technology, and if you're not, then you're probably going to be disrupted by an organization that is.

So this month we are going to look into purposing episodes that are around technology, whether that be firms or organizations that are actually using and investing in technology as a core part of their products and services or potentially those individuals that are using and leveraging CEO Hacks and CEO nuggets that center around technology and sharing ways that we can leverage it as well. Remember that you are a technology company that does dot, dot, dot. Sit back and enjoy this special episode of the I am CEO podcast.

Hello, Hello, hello. This is Gresh from the I am CEO podcast and I have a very special guest on the show today. I have Asim Rais of Tekrevol LLC. Asim it's awesome to have you on the show.

Asim Rais 02:16

Hey, how are you? Gresham.

Gresham Harkless 02:18

Yeah, definitely. Great to have you on the show. I'm doing well. I hope you are too. And what I wanted to do was just read a little bit more about Asim, so you can hear about all the awesome things that he's doing. Asim is the Co-founder and CTO of Tekrevol LLC. He has over a decade's worth of hands-on experience and development and enterprise digitalization and is an expert in next-generation technology and software solutions.

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As a methodical leader with immaculate attention to detail, his vision is to make a real difference in people's experience of technology through cutting-edge innovations and a progressive approach.

Asim are you ready to speak to the I am CEO community?

Asim Rais 02:55


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Gresham Harkless 02:56

Awesome. Let's do it. So I wanted to kick everything off and hear a little bit more about what I call your CEO story and what led you to start your business.

Asim Rais 03:04

Yeah, sure. So starting your own company is never easy in the beginning. You are faced with all kinds of challenges, races, and uncertainty, which you could have never imagined. So I always knew I wanted to play a bigger role and wanted to create something valuable for me. So, I have worked for around 10 years in established app development companies and when one day the company I work for found itself in the middle of a crisis, and they decided to shut down, along with other people, I found myself jobless and I did not appreciate that feeling of being jobless and uncertain about my future.

So that was the time when I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own company. And two years later, my partner and I have around 65 people working with us from three different offices across the globe. And we have been nominated 19 times and featured on platforms like Baltimore Sun and with Palm Springs and Post. So far this has been the most thrilling experience of my career and it has changed my life completely.

Gresham Harkless 04:15

Yeah, absolutely. I can definitely see that. I have been laid off myself and I didn't like the feeling either, and I know that when it happened I said, I don't want that. I don't want to ever feel that feeling again. So I know how difficult that can be, but it's good that good things have come about from that, it sounds like.

Asim Rais 04:30


Gresham Harkless 04:30

And so I wanted to drill a little bit deeper, hear a little bit more on what you're doing to support the clients you work with. Could you take us through that?

Asim Rais 04:39

Yeah, so like about the business and product services, if I had to really break down our business. The truth is that we have a company started by entrepreneurs who get a kick out of helping other entrepreneurs. So our aim is not to just build digital solutions but to help businesses achieve sustainable growth and scalability.

So using emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, and integrating them into mobile applications, is something we do. So, in short Tekrevol is an app development company that uses these kinds of technologies to help businesses.

Gresham Harkless 05:19

Absolutely. Yeah. I think that a lot of times we forget how important technology is to our business, and it's not like it's in one, specific industry. It's every single industry as you talked about. So you always need that and have an understanding of that and make sure you're doing that effectively to communicate.

Asim Rais 05:35


Gresham Harkless 05:36

Nice. And so, I wanted to drill down and hear about what I call your secret sauce. It could be for you personally or for your business, but what do you feel sets you apart and makes you unique?

Asim Rais 05:46

Yeah, sure. So we don't just build a technological product for the clients. We use our own imagination to facilitate this digital transformation for businesses, communities, and lives. So like, it's a problem-solving aspect and approach, which basically can be found in every aspect of our organization. And that's basically a mentality that sets us apart from other pillars in the market.

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So we primarily focus on two different things. One is so like, customer-centric product development and other one is the holistic approach of entrepreneurial mindset that helps us to achieve some great results. So we use our own experience and fashion for helping others come up with and like, bringing their ideas to the life. And then we can just go one step ahead and that skill that further. So this is what we really are very good at and I think this is our USP.

Gresham Harkless 06:46

Yeah, absolutely. That makes so much sense and I definitely see how those things overlap, especially when you're trying to create solutions or find solutions for problems and you're able to do that. That to me, like is at the heart of what it means to even be an entrepreneur because you're solving solutions, for clients and for customers and helping them make the world a better place.

Asim Rais 07:04


Gresham Harkless 07:05

Awesome, awesome, awesome. So I wanted to switch gears a little bit, and I wanted to ask you for what I call a CEO hack. So this could be an app, a book, or a habit that you have, but what's something that makes you more effective and efficient?

Asim Rais 07:17

So in my case, being a CTO being a CEO is a result of the collective efforts of the people I surround myself with. So for me, the bigger resource would be the people that I work with and the people who actually supported me and my vision and my entrepreneurship generally, and even allowed me to become this version of myself. So that is basically my family, my partners, and everybody associated with Tekrevol at this moment.

Gresham Harkless 07:49

Yeah, that makes so much sense. And I always say your environment will determine your altitude. So no matter how successful, we want to be how much, we want to grow and create awesome things and do awesome things If you don't have the family, friends, and that environment around you to help make sure that, or increase the likelihood of you being successful, it's extremely difficult, not impossible, but it makes it a lot harder if you don't have that environment.

Asim Rais 08:12

Yes, yes, true.

Gresham Harkless 08:14

Awesome, awesome, awesome. So now I wanted to ask you another question, which is for a CEO nugget, and this is like a word of wisdom or a piece of advice, or if you can happen to a time machine, what would you tell your younger business self?

Asim Rais 08:28

I think you have an opportunity to change lives. So if you have a product idea or the surveys which you think have potential and that have a big impact then go for it. For me, do not take business as an opportunity to make money only. It's a great payoff, obviously, but if you are looking for that, then I think you are limiting yourself the ability to take the decision. And this is something that is essential for every entrepreneur.

Gresham Harkless 08:54

Yeah, absolutely. And I think, when you have like that, I sometimes call it like a triple bottom line because obviously, you wanna be able to generate revenue to be in business. But if you don't really have a way to measure the impact that you're having, the reason why you're probably really doing the business or doing and creating the app or creating the product or service you have, you lose sight of that. And sometimes you lose focus on what really matters when it comes to creating a business.

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Asim Rais 09:20

That is important. Yeah.

Gresham Harkless 09:21

Absolutely. So now I wanted to ask you my absolute favorite question, which is the definition of what it means to be a CEO and we're hoping to have different quote and quote CEOs on this show. So Asim, what does being a CEO mean to you?

Asim Rais 09:33

CEO means a lot. Like it means having an opportunity to inspire and develop entrepreneurship thinking and discuss with the people you are working with. So it means being a supporter, mantle leader, and guide. So it comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of challenges, but I think a part of myself believes that every person has an inner entrepreneur with them inside them. As a CEO I get to help them want to tap into that and put their idea into action.

Gresham Harkless 10:13

Nice. I like that because it sounds like you have a lot of people that have certain ideas, but they don't know necessarily how and where to go from there. So you get to tap into that entrepreneurial

Asim Rais 10:22

Exactly. Yes. Exactly. This is our mindset. This is what we are focusing on a lot.

Gresham Harkless 10:28

Yeah. I appreciate that so much because I too believe the exact same thing that we all have an entrepreneur within us and a lot of reasons why we have the I am CEO podcast. So getting that opportunity, from your advantage point to be able to tap into that and help people have that imagination, that thing that they want to create, not sure how to do it, but you guys are able to help people do it, is definitely a very phenomenal way.

Awesome. So, I appreciate your time and what I want to do is pass you the mic, so to speak, just to see if there's anything additional you can let our readers and listeners know, and then of course, how best they can get ahold of you and find out all the awesome things you guys are working on.

Asim Rais 11:03

I think if you're an entrepreneur who believes that you have the next big idea to change a life, I would suggest just going with that. Go out there and start working on that. Give some life to your idea and do not wait for any funding or like anybody who will come to you and rescue you. So start working on your idea and the investment and opportunity will come through for sure.

Gresham Harkless 11:28

Absolutely. Yeah. And then people that wanna follow up with you, what's the best way for them to do that?

Asim Rais 11:31

They can follow up with me on my Facebook as well as on Twitter.

Gresham Harkless 11:37

Okay, awesome. And we will have the links and information in the show notes as well too. But definitely appreciate that. Appreciate that reminder because there is no perfect time to go forward to reach your goals, to try to go after your dreams. If you have a vision for something, the best time to do it is now. So definitely, get to work on that. So thank you for that reminder again, and I hope you have a phenomenal rest of the day.

Asim Rais 11:53

Thank you.

Outro 11:53

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