IAM1550 – Career Change Agent, Podcaster and Life Coach Helps Women Recognize and Make the Most Of What They Like

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Sara McArdle

Career Change Agent and life coach Sara McArdle wasn’t born with an obvious “calling.” In fact, while she knew when she started working as a professional graphic designer that something was missing, she waited nearly 20 years to make a change. In 2013, she began practicing Compassionate Communication? a discipline that helps people transform negative self-talk, identify what matters most to them and take steps toward a more wonderful life. Her experience of empowering herself and others was so transformative that she pursued a Whole Person Coach® certification and launched a business to help women recognize and make the most of their unique gifts, and (like her) find work they’re madly in love with. Today, she works one-on-one coaching women, she hosts workshops and events and has her own podcast, called “Women Who Went for It,” that features inspiring chats with successful career changers.

  • CEO Story: Picked her first career at the age of 17 when she had a 5-minute conversation with her sister asking about her major in college, asking about her interest, where she replied art in computers, to which her sister recommended graphic design. And right then and there Sara signed up and doing it for 20 years. She made a shift when she fell in love with coaching. Started practicing Compassionate Communication in 2013.
  • Business Service: Coaching. Giving advice on how to find answers in themselves.
  • Secret Sauce: Career change agent and coach. Finding meaningful careers for clients.
  • CEO Hack: Word's calendar function that helps color code events respectively.
  • CEO Nugget: Honor when it's time to make a change.
  • CEO Defined: (1) Freedom to make decisions (2) Courage and humility to ask for something out when needed.
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Facebook: saramcardlecoachingwomenwhowentforit
Instagram: sara.mcardle.coaching

Episode Link: https://iamceo.co/2018/12/21/iam134-career-change-agent-podcaster-and-life-coach-helps-women-recognize-and-make-the-most-of-what-they-like/

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