IAM1481 – Retired Calvin Klein CEO Shares His Knowledge on Business, Service and Leadership

Special Throwback Episode - Podcast Interview with Tom Murry

Tom Murry is the retired CEO of Calvin Klein, where he ran the company for 17 years and facilitated the brand’s growth from 2.8 billion to $8 billion. Prior to that, he spent the majority of his career working for iconic fashion brands including Tahari and Evan Piccone. He has worked with (and learned from) the most recognized names in fashion, as well as titans of the business world. With the same no-nonsense approach that he applies to fashion, Tom shares his knowledge about business, leadership, and creating a career that one can be both proud of and one that is of service to others. He and his beloved junior-high sweetheart, Lynda Murry, recently celebrated 43 years of marriage and now reside in Palm Beach, Florida.

  • CEO Story: It was the dream job of Tom to be the CEO of Calvin Klein. A long journey, work his way up. Been in the apparel, and fashion industry since 15 years old.
  • Business Service: In his book, Tom shares his knowledge about business, leadership, and creating a career.
  • Secret Sauce: Long been in the industry. Maintained the same team, great working relationship, and usual trust, keeping it on track and keep it together.
  • CEO Hack: My book
  • CEO Nugget: Surround yourself with talent, and have clear goals and objectives.
  • CEO Defined: A lot of responsibility.



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