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IAM1298 – Founder Creates a Smart Business Card

Podcast Interview with William Carroll

William F. Carroll II is the founder of Fewer Cards (Develop For LLC) a smart business card company located within the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. The modern smart business card was invented, introduced to the world, and patented by Mr. Carroll. With sustainability and technology at its core, Fewer Cards's mission is in its moniker—to reduce our carbon footprint with bamboo touchless smart business cards that allow people to transfer contact information and other functions in a touchless way with QR codes and NFC technology. In a world still in the throes of the COVID pandemic and to slow down climate change, this card has all of the elements of a product that needs to be successful, to make a cleaner environment and economically impactful change. It helped to solve a problem in a new way. Together we can reverse the effects of climate change and do more with fewer cards.

  • CEO Story: William would go to events, carries a lot of business cards to hand over. Hoping people would remember him and contact him. To solve the problem of taking/giving a lot of cards, it’s really the information you want to pass it on. And so his idea came to fruition on making the Fewer Cards with just a tap on the phone.
  • Business Service: Different cards with different scenarios. Either for Sms, Email, or Social Media. Depending on the strategy/ approach to a person.
  • Secret Sauce: Taking away the hurdles from another person. Just scan, and you can do more in networking business with others. It comes with a timestamp.
  • CEO Hack: Having the Fewer cards all the time to seamlessly build connections and relationships.
  • CEO Nugget: For new business owners, essentially have a business strategy. The idea and where you want to go.
  • CEO Defined: Being responsible. Someone who is willing to go through the challenging times and take it and stay focus
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Website: fewer.cards

Instagram: Fewer Cards

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